Clix : Aperture Wide Shut

By clix

Airport Biker

Last day in California and a text message from BA arrived. Flight back delayed by four hours.

Meant a few extra hours possible in the office and a flight out close to midnight.

After my hassles with BA on the way out this was not their fault. Shortly after take off from London on the way out a passenger on the plane had collapsed very ill. An emergency landing at Glasgow so that the passenger could be rushed to hospital. Then the plane headed over to San Francisco to pick us up for its return. Actually only a four hour delay was pretty good and I hope the person who was rushed to hospital is on the mend and feeling better now.

Unforunately, when we got to the airport in San Francisco, even though I had checked in online and had my boarding tickets, BA had wiped my reservation again. My colleuage was fine as before but I had no seat again.

I was not happy. It took some serious discussion that this very thing had happened on the way out and that very day BA had just compensated me for the dreadful out bound events. Then they did the same thing.

To be fair to the SFO staff eventually they managed to get me a decent seat again but it did take some real pushing on my part. I was not happy at all and am seriously considering whether to fly BA again.

After checking in my bag it was time to go through security and get a beer or two before the flight.

At the moment there is a display of a private collection of Italian classic motorbikes. Boy they look good.

And everbody was taking photos on their phones.

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