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By LifesJourney

Fabtastic Science

Science Open Day at the Uni today was absolutely fantastic, so much to see and do. The children first got to try building a bridge from 4 pieces of paper and 1 metre of cellotape!! aiming to see how many mars bars it would hold. The record was 54... well we got no where near so will stick to my day job as it looks like engineering is not a hidden talent!!!
Next we watched an amazing Science Magic show. He played music using a metal pole, a saw and a bowl of water, made barbies hair stand on end and made cotton wool combust in the air.
This was followed by a walk through an inflatable colon and then finding out how muscles work. Georgia took part in a circuit against her friend testing balance and strength. We made bouncy balls from PVA glue and the children made slime - opted to miss that one out!
There was much, much more but just before it finished we extracted DNA from a strawberry.

A great day out had by all

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