Another Day

By pcc

Au revoir

Today I have been on Blip for 2 years without a break.
I know that in the last couple of months I have not been as enthused as I was earlier on, so I think that it has come time to have a rest.
I have to give a talk at one of my camera clubs this month and my Topic is.
"My Challenge - to Make a Photograph Every Day for Two Years"
Well I have achieved my goal.
I have experimented and tried new things over the two years - and I have 'new eyes' for seeing what is around me, and I appreciate Blipland very much for that opportunity.
I have enjoyed seeing other Blippers Journals, and learning from them as well.
There have been some wonderful people follow me, and faithfully comment on my entries and I appreciate that so much. I will be still looking in on what everybody is up to, and who knows I may miss the camera in the hand every day and start again.
Until then - au revoir..........

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