An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

I blinked and missed the day!

Today has just disappeared!

I set the alarm for 8am, full of good intentions to get up and get on with the day. Woke at 7.55 and thought there's no chance I'm getting up at 8! It still felt like the middle of the night! Eventually got up at 10.30am!

D's sis and her hubby were staying away overnight at a wedding reception so I delivered the church flowers on her the top flat in flats that sit on a very steep hilll and of course I couldn't get parked near them! Great fun for the old knees! :-)

This afternoon my best pal Ag and I popped back along to Sterling to pick up a gift I had ordered for D....not saying what it is as it will no doubt be blipped soon....and today's blip is the sight that greeted us. The Ochil Hills in the late afternoon sun.

Unfortunately I only had my little point and shoot camera with me but the reason I was keen to capture this scene is it didn't look real! It looked like a painting! I actually stood for a moment and blinked to see if my vision cleared but it still looked like a painting! Sadly I have had to crop it narrower than I would have liked but there was a horrible streetlight totally spoiling the shot.

Ok, I am going to stop typing there as I am starting to bore myself plus D has just brought me a delicious G&T and it needs all my attention :-))

Happy Sunday Peeps! :-))

For a friend who is having the hardest time imaginable. Hang in there....better times ARE coming! xxx

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