What another rant?

By JohnA

M+M World

What a busy day, trying to cram so much in.

First trip on the subway (quite exciting), up to B+H Photography again. Just for a little while. (Well actually for quite a long while. Mrs A was quite patient with me faffing about.) Made a few purchases, and then we were back on the subway. To Ground Zero. A very emotional experience.

Then, I just had to see Wall Street (sad, I suppose - bit of a busman's holiday). Trinity Church in the midst of all those skyscrapers was quite amazing.

And back to the hotel, but first stopped off at M+M World. Quite disgusting really. 100s of massive tubes of different 'colors' and 'flavors' to choose from. And all of the crap merchandise to go with it. Still I suppose the people in there were enjoying themselves, suffice to say, I didn't buy anything. Even worse though, with Hersheys just over the road. (As you can tell, I am no chocoholic! Just a good old rant. )

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