Desperately seeking

By clickychick

A Morning Of Gates And Puddles

I turned right instead of left! So easy to head off down to the lake for a Sunday blip, but turned away to the country roads and fields. This is the state of the land just now, a lovely sunny day but the land is still sodden.

A worrying day, The Mother has not been well all week. Those of you my age will understand when I say that at lunchtime I took her home and said goodbye to her as if she may not be alive when I went to collect her at teatime! Such a relief when I got out of the car and saw her moving about in her bungalow. We had a good talk about it when I took her home tonight.

I am encouraging her to take Complan between meals to keep up her strength but she just has no interest in food. So good that she liked the smell of roast chicken tonight!

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