Englishman in Bandung

By Vodkaman


At the hour long session at the grove this morning, in full blip commando gear, where I got down and dirty and captured some tremendous dragon shots to celebrate my first insect shoot with the D70, I was wondering what the 'E' in the display meant. Of course, when I returned to process the shots with great anticipation after such a successful shoot, I did not need to refer to the manual for the information, but figured it out for myself when I opened the memory card door!

Bitterly disappointed and extremely embarrassed, I still felt the need to share this humungous mistake, in the hope that it may save one of you from forgetting to load the memory card in future, well at least I hope you get a laugh at my expense. Another tip is never close the battery door when charging.

Still, the blip monster took pity on me and delivered the digger that I blipped four days ago, which was now working outside my house, digging a channel for, of all things, water pipes, which fits in with the blip I posted two days ago. To be honest, I wish I had never posted the well, as my taps ran dry that very night and still today my taps are still not dripping.

So I went outside to collect my backup blip and Lili, my next door neighbor called me over to introduce her brother and get me to shoot his smile.

Introducing Abun.

It seems that my reputation for photographing smiles has spread beyond the bounds of the internet and is the subject of conversation up and down my street. Today's smile was so easy, as Abun glared with such dignity at the big eye, with Beni and Lili giggling to the side, I simply moved one eyebrow slightly and he fell about laughing. My guess is that they had already informed Abun of my antics.

None of the series were particularly sharp, as Abun was in continual movement and of course, I didn't change the settings after preparing for the digger shot, DUH! I will hopefully get the hang of managing the settings on the new camera, but expect a few more mistakes from me in the mean time.


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