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Swanning around

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I suppose this must be what your view is like if you happen to be one half of a pair of Mute Swans. This lone cob swan came swimming into the marina where we were having lunch today and evidently expected to be fed, as he cruised up and down at the water's edge - giving me a good opportunity to blip him! He may be rather lonely as there are not many Mute Swans in the wild in this country. In fact, I was very surprised to see him as I can't remember the last time I saw one here - I usually associate NZ with Black Swans. You can read about Mute Swans in NZ here, which also includes another of my favourite Yeats poems, The Wild Swans at Coole.

The rain clouds cleared this morning (thank goodness - yesterday really was terribly 'dreich'!) and my husband confidently predicts - with the aid of the long-range weather forecast - that we are now in for ten days of unrelenting sunshine. I do hope he's right! He was picked up bright and early by Jonathan and whisked away to do boat-related things, leaving me at home, where I finally managed to upload the photos that I diligently took every day a couple of weeks ago when I was ill and had Lost the Will to Blip. I uploaded the photos first so that I could come back and do the short write-ups (not very exciting as I wasn't well at the time) later, but was then amazed to find that I had received two comments on one of the shots. Still haven't finished all the write-ups but it's very late and I'm falling asleep so off to bed shortly!

Nice lunch of West Coast whitebait fritters (in my case) and salad down by the marina and then the boys had to return to work on the boat, which was taken out of the water today for three days and I went off to collect Immy from school.

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