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Earth Hour Wristband Request

Every year I work on the Earth Hour campaign. This year its on 31st March and so things are starting to get busy. This year, in comparison to other years, I will have more work to do after the event than in the lead up to it, but that does mean I can help out in more of the fun stuff when needed. Also now the little ones are that bit older I will be able to be involved on an event on the night.

I think it is a great campaign and event that is different to most. It is all about engaging people to take a simple action, it can bring families and communities together and shows that being more sustainable can happen along side having a bit of fun.

The other day before a presentation where a film with me and my big fat head in it was shown (thankfully for only a few seconds) I was given an Earth Hour wristband. When I got home that night Girl was very impressed with the wristband and straight away put in a request for one. I told her I would see what I could do.

Well that was last Tuesday and every evening since, regardless if I had been to work or not, I have been asked if I have got her a wristband yet. Well today I managed to bump into the right person at the right time and managed to bag a couple scoring me lots of top Dad points on my return from work.

Obviously I had to get Boy one as well to stop arguements. He was quite happy about getting one but not as overjoyed as Girl. I don't think he is really into accessorizing just yet.

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