Clix : Aperture Wide Shut

By clix

Hundreds and Thousands

Continuing to sort out the place we are moving into.

Chucking stuff on freecycle. Wow, some folks out there just starting out in life with nothing and it feels great to be able to donate stuff to get them kitted out in their first home. We have had a busy day and some really nice people drop by.

After ten years we finally got round to really clearning out cupboards. And we found, stuffed on the highest shelf of the darkest cupboard we never cleared out, two vintage radios left by the previous owner ten years ago! Gosh. Those big glass valves seen all blackened out here were replaced by the transistor revolution. And today, your digital camera's memory card will have hundrdreds, no thousands, no, millions of transistors that do the same job as each one of these massive, fragile, glass valves.

Now that's progress. And this is history.

Wonderful to stumble on it so unexpected.

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