Oh man, I've have got some serious corking to do in a serious lack of time. I'd better get a move. This does amount the the amount I've done and none of them are glued down yet.


Notes on the 30 Day Drawing Challenge?
Day 7. This was a hard one. Favourite word. Now ordinarily, I'd come up with a load of words that I just like as words rather than what they represent but I drew (see what I did there?) a blank. Coming up with a favourite word in the first place, then it being something that was realisable. I went down the avenue of scots dialect words as I love the evolutionary junction they take from standard "queen's" english. I opted for Gutties and drew Ewan's crabby gutties that I'm rather jealous of and wish they did them in my size. Bethany again joined me with rather nicely, her family as her favourite words in this portrait.

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