Near Miss

I was in London today, but my flight back up to Edinburgh (apparantly the most miserable place in the country - good job we moved to West Lothian, the third happiest!) this evening means I was not able to meet McDawg, Bisk and friends on the South Bank for the London blip meet up. I hope you have a blast guys.

I am actually on the 'phone to McDawg who is in the process of sneeking up on Snappy Dancer, Bisk & Dancing Queen to get a shot of them unsuspecting...

This is the nearest I got - a shot taken of brooding London town and the thames from Waterloo Bridge. The blipperati are meeting about 400 metres from this spot and they were probably en route as I took this.

Testing out the wireless in Gatwick airport as I type this. Cool.

Worn out though after the early flight and busy day.

- - - - -

LOTD: A Spoonful of Sugar's 'Voga!' blip is a great, painterly scene and lovely tones.

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