Waterfoot Sunrise

By alasdairb

The Bonnie, Bonnie Banks

After a hectic day in Glasgow it was back down the road this afternoon for a couple of community group meetings. As we headed up the Loch Lomond road there were signs of the sun shining through holes in the thick clouds, lighting up small areas of Ben Lomond and the surrounding hills.

When we got to Firkin Point I decided on a quick blip-stop at this popular tourist spot. There were actually a few tourists about and there have been other signs that the tourist season is soon to start. A few caravans on the road and I even noticed the first yacht mooring in Carradale Bay yesterday morning. Anyway, I grabbed a few shots and settled on this one because of the gull that got in on the act.

Loch Lomond is known throughout the World for its beautiful scenery and is a must visit for most tourists in the area. I was just glad to get a blip of those Bonnie, Bonnie Banks, made famous in verse and song (this being my favourite rendition of Loch Lomond by Runrig), before the tourist season really gets under way!

P.S. Further to my double beaked Siskin blip a couple of days ago, I have received an interesting reply from the British Trust for Ornithology. Apparently beak deformities are not that rare and are under investigation. Photos from the BTO site can be seen here.

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