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Hodgepig the Hedgehog

For as long as I can remember I have called hedgehogs "Hodgepig" - I know, odd!

I have no clue what this little guy is doing out and about at this time of year AND looking so healthy but when I went to let Shadow out in the very early hours of this morning, before going to bed, there was much barking and excitement - there was Hodgepig curled up in a ball defending his ........ well, defending his honour!

Got Shadow back in the house and opened a can of dog food, grabbed the nearest camera (my little baby Kodak which actually takes really good photos at night!! Must be the simplicity of it - the camera, not me!!!) - back out into the garden, turned on the outside light and plonked the food down at (what I hoped) was the "eating end" - stood back and waited .... and waited ...... and waited ...... slowly, slowly he started to uncurl, sniffed at the food and began to eat. Didn't want to scare him off so only took four pictures before leaving him to it.

Quite cute on > LARGER <

Suffice to say the dish is empty this morning. One well-fed hodgepig and only three quarters of a tin of meat for Shadow's breakfast!

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