By EgyptUnveiled

Too close!

I was woken up this morning just after 6.30am by the sound of a hot air balloon overhead. The pilot was very low and was trying to gain height by releasing gas, which makes a very loud 'Pshhhhhhhh' sound (Bet you are all trying to make that sound now! :-)

Poor Bob gets really freaked out by it, he hates the balloons and ran for cover!

I hot footed it to the roof with my camera and found 9/10 balloons around the house, all different colours and heights. The sun was about to burst over the wall of my neighbours roof and bring the warmth to the cool early morning air. Many people were out with their cameras, waving at each other, hair standing up in all directions, sleepy eyes and all wearing their night attire!

This balloon was literally nudging my neighbours roof, so I went to throw some clothes on and take a closer look from the ground. It luckily/skillfully gained height and drifted towards the river. I followed it up past all the large villas, until it could land safely in the fields. This family were out watching as it was over their land and he was worried about his crop of barley. Luckily again, it went skyward and headed back towards the Mountain.

I was beginning to feel a bit heady, all this running around before a cup of coffee even! Time to head home.

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