the one left baby of the Nile geese couple. So well protected by her parents.
Although the weather has changed a lot since yesterday I went for my walk in the nearby park. It certainly is not the most beautiful park, but the sphere is relaxed around the pond, I see most of the time the same persons, with babies, or dogs or just walking there after shopping in the nearby centre.
There is since a short time one lonely swan, the couple from earlier times has left whereto? , the pigeons, the coots. And seeing the Nile geese couple I am tempted the make some photos. With caution I step nearer and hide behind trees and bushes. They are eating in the grass and preening themselves a bit. But then they seem intending to cross the street to the next strip of grass and I feel scared because it is a busy time now with many cars and cyclists. But no the mother thinks it to dangerous and steps back, but a minute later they give it a try again, and go back again.
I am careful in nearing them. There are gulls shouting near the geese and that annoys the father and he chases several of the gulls to the other end of the pond.
And comes flying or walking deftly back. It's time to leaf them alone and drink my coffee at home. My fingers rather cold.

Thank you, dear friends, for visiting yesterday's grebe. I liked the photo myself and it pleases me that I could share that feeling with you. Thanks for the stars and the hearts.

My haiku:

Huddled together
Still offensily the geese
Why should I recoil?

And the proverb:

What is the use of running, when you're on the wrong road?

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