Still surviving...

I scarcely seem to have had a moment for photography today. I painted the last little bit of the kitchen and grouted the tiles before breakfast, then went off to Sainsbury's to stock the fridge, as Chris is coming home for a few days tomorrow. I got back just in time to whip Alex to the orthodontist - the good news is that his braces will be coming off in June :)

I had a lovely chat on the phone with my friend, then took Alex and Ben into town. Alex has a field trip to the New Forest next week, and needed one or two things and Ben needed some new shoes. We don't go shopping together very often, but it was actually great fun, and we all enjoyed an over-the-top drink at Starbucks, Ben's choice of venue.

The weather has been stubbornly grey, cool and very unlike spring, and totally uninspiring for photography. So I thought I'd capture our little speckled hen, who is now living in the house while she recovers from her traumatic encounter with the fox last week. At the moment she seems to be holding her own, although her chest wound is still large and quite smelly. If she pulls through I'm not sure she'll want to go back to living in the garden!

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