Two years....

Gosh that feels like a big gap between 500 and 730!
Huge thanks to everyone who drops by my journal. I genuinely appreciate it. I don't manage to comment back as much as I'd like so special thanks for not giving up on me!

When people comment and compliment me on my photography work I always point them at Blip as I've developed so much over these two years and learned far more posting every day than I ever did at college. I was however very drunk during that period.
Joking aside, Blip is an amazing resource and constant inspiration. I would recommend that anybody who is serious about developing their photographic skills create an account and start blipping today. And don't use that excuse 'I'm waiting till I get a better camera' some of the best images come from mobile phones!

Anyway heres the 730th blip. Sadly health and safety denied me my wish to actually be thrown into the air.

(Zebedee had to pass me the remote to take the shot, but being the keen blipper he is he banged off a few frames that rather irritatingly were better than mine!)

Thanks again to you all.

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