By Bundle

The Pink City

Travelled by train from Delhi to Jaipur today and now staying at the beautiful and characterful Bissau Palace.

So difficult to decide which blip to share with you: today I could have shown you:

-trains, shot from every different perspective;

-the beautiful decoration in the hotel and gardens, including the vast library and a tremendous collection of pictures and photographs;

-the impressive pink Palace of Winds;

-a hundred and one different angles on the Observatory (known in India as the Juntar Muntar - now vying for my favourite word)

-the vast cinema where we went to buy tickets for tomorrow evening's Bollywood hit "I Love You"

-the garden restaurant where we ate dinner

-tigers heads, rosepetals, and much much more.

Instead I settled for a simple street scene as it captures the "pink" of Jaipur, Even the people dress in lots of pink!

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