Covered in Bees

By PaulFS

*Cough* Cathedral *Achoooooo!!!*

I haven't photographed the Cathedral from here before. Nearly from here; maybe at the top of the stairs; but as a special treat for any blippers who might see this, I decided to stand a bit further back.

Standing further back is probably advisable at the moment when near me. I still feel dreadful. God knows what bug has got me but it's bit me hard. I went to work today; long day; 12hrs at my desk, 8am till 8pm, with a 45 minute break at 5pm when I went out to get this photo and have a bit of fresh air.

I'm normally lucky with colds - I get a short, sharp, hard cold for 24 hrs; like a weeks worth of symptoms in a day; and then I'm fine. But this one... I don't like it!!!

What else?

Did I mention I was ill?

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