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By clix

Ali's Crew

Big move day today. The past few days MrsClix and I have been cleaning, boxing, shifting, freecycling and recycling.

Today was the day when the professionals were brought in to shift all the furniture. But who should we hire?

One of the big names? Those with huge trucks and and flashy salesmen?

Or maybe the little guy recommended by KiloRomeo?

Well, we had quotes from both. And not only was the little man more competitive he was also very likeable. The kind of down to Earth straight forward folks.

So we went with Ali.

Or Move And Remove as his company is called.

Both Ali and the big names said it was a three person job (we had a range cooker to be carried down from a third floor flat as well as solid oak furniture).

Trouble is, just before today one of his guys went and bashed his shoulder in playing rugby.

Ali phoned around his usual extended crew but no joy. Folks on holiday. Others sick. Another had his birthday bash.

So just the two of them for a mammoth job.

Did he flinch? Well, you'd have to ask him. Did he do a fantastic job? Absolutely. What stars these guys were. They worked harder than I have ever seen removal men work before.

I will definitely use them again in the future.

Trouble is, after the pounding our furniture gave them today they may never want to help us move again!

But they might help you.

(By the way, Ali's the one on the right).

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