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Horse-Chestnut Buds (opening)

Today it was rather cold and dull the way into work. I snapped a few flowers and a rather nice clump of pink cherry blossom. As I've done both periwinkle and cherry blossom already I did rather hope for something more interesting

On the way home from work I spotted some rather funky tree buds that are just opening and here they are all in all their glory. It's the just opened bud of a horse-chestnut or Conker tree, Aesculus hippocastanum. Like almost all the other Conker trees I've seen in Hampshire it's not had a good time of late with various problems but in the spring and early summer they look healthy enough.

This evening I've not been thermal imaging, it's Parish Council night, so I've had another hat on tonight. Tomorrow I'm not thermal imaging either, tomorrow I have my Biodiversity hat on...

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