(new camera) promising!

I have only just begun to work with my new camera, but my husband and I are both impressed so far. Seems the photos are sharp and clear, the zoom amazing. Today after Steven took some photos of a red tailed hawk in a tree that was far away he said, wow!!!

The photo today shows Whitney Nickel's entry for the fabric and paper bead swap I am hosting! Whitney lives in Ireland and is one of 22 participants from all over the world. You can see and read more here. Whitney wrote to me that this was her first time making beads of any kind. I am amazed as they are just wonderful -so glad she joined! And, I love the sharpness and detail caught by my new Sony Cybershot DSC-HX100V. View the beads larger here!

Figuring out new software is of course challenging but I am definitely making my way. Steven helped me out lot with how to get my computer to recognize the new device and then I was able to import some test photos, whoo-hoo!

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