Had a little bit of a lie in.
Went to uni to give Lyds some music and chatted to her and her friends for a bit.
Then I mopped around, I don't know what to do with myself with no essay on the go. I shouldn't really complain.
Went to town with Piz to get some treats for CU, then we started setting up early. Some interpretative dancing went on.
After CU me and GT had some chats and by the time we had finished we were supposed to be at the SU helping the RAG event.
We had a Gladrags fundraiser... So there was loads of clothes for sale that we had donated, an auction, a raffle and some live music. It was so much fun. Me and GT were on the till... Probs why we raised so much money because my maths skills aren't great.
I won a MASSIVE teddy bear in the raffle. He's called Branston. He's a bit of a ladies man... everyone flocked to him afterwards.
Then we all walked home and set off a lantern thing. Then I eventually got to go home and eat something. Starvin' marvin' to the max.

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