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I passed Kip Marina last night on the way home. As Inverkip isn't that far from Glasgow I decided to hold fire for once and went back this morning and asked permission to take some shots of the working boatyard.

The last time I thought it was a good idea to stop unannounced and take some shots of the sunset, with petro-chemical structures as the background, I was confronted by three jobsworth security guards who each took their turn to trying to stop me taking pictures..which I totally ignored....eventually they threatened to call the police. I gave them my licence number/ name and told them to tell the police to get in touch if they like sunset pictures. Despite my 'I will not be moved' stance it was a rather upsetting experience. It was the day I was coming back from Clackmannashire having blipped the sculpture 'This Journey's End' so I wouldn't have included it here anyway. I've added a few pictures here so you can see the Arresting sunset.

No threat of arrest today - all uneventful. Life is certainly more exciting since I took up photography.

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