The next ride

Along Ponsonby Road just after 0630 this morning, and saw the early cafes. One had just opened, and I missed the putting out of the tables. Another, which I have blipped before, was busy with many tables occupied, and lots of talk and activity; all inside.

Through Three Lamps, and around the corner into Jervois Road, the cafes were not yet open, until I got well into Herne Bay and saw these worthy gentlemen. Their bicycles were leaning against lamp posts and the like, a bit away from where they were sitting waiting for their coffees. (Coffees arrived just as I was leaving). They appeared to be looking at a map of some sort, perhaps one created with careful use of the sugar and other containers on the table. They were talking about where they were going to ride. I am unsure if this was a pre ride coffee or a post ride one, and the ride being planned is for the next time they meet.

This is such a change from when I first moved into our family home down the street off Jervois Road closest to this cafe. There was no cafe then. Many people rode bicycles for sure, but probably most had but three gears, or none. Nobody had more than a 10 speed; my grandson has more gears on his bike than that! And lycra gear probably didn't exist then, or if it did no self respecting Kiwi man would be seen in it. Now this is such a common way of maintaining cardio-respiratory fitness, and friendships, mateships, social networks.

Roll on, the next ride.

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