an old cynic's view

By superhero

If you think 2 years is a long time try 92

I thought this was appropriate THE ORIGINAL OLD CYNIC
This is the man who gave me the upbringing every boy should have, but the world is not perfect.
He taught me humility, self respect,respect for others,and even through some very dark times in my life he was always there for me.
A more honest upstanding man you could not meet.
Oh he gave me a hard time as well ,when he was an officer inthe Boys Brigade he showed me no favours and apoligised to me a few years ago for being too hard on me.
I remember as a 12 year old 3 of my mates and Igot a hol of a rowing boat with an outboard which belonged to one of the boy's Dad
It was on the shores of the River Clyde at a time when ships were uo and down the river all the time.
Low and behold the outboard had been fuelled up so off the four of us went on an adventure.
We went from Dumbarton to Bowling ,around 3 miles upriver ,then on the way back about a mile from shore we ran out of fuel.
We had to row all the way in and it was getting dark,.
A few hundred yards from shore I saw a vision on the shoreline ,Dad,shouting and waving his fist.
Oh dear I thought could we turn round and row the other way.
We got safely to the shore I jumped out the boat and ran, with Dad in pursuit all the way home and right under the bed and my Dear old Mum saved me from a hiding saying ,he is safe and sound leave him alone.
I could go on but haven't got time.
Thank you all very much for the support and encouragement over the past 2 years

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