the edges of my life

By raej

this is it....

great start to the day - rounded a corner on a downward slope on the 'road' to work nearly to run into a startled and cranky water buffalo... brakes of course failed and started screaming (the brakes not me ) which panicked said buffalo and she then decided to run beside me all the while thinking I was chasing her... I couldnt 'brake' more without more metal screaming so we sort of paced each other for a bit until she was able to find a spot to run off into the bush.....
in my relief at avoiding collision i then rode through a nice fresh steaming pile of buffalo shit.... bloody buffalos
and that was sort of the theme for the day - decided to stop off quickly at the river on the way back to work after lunch - forgot about the massively steep climb up and back just to get this puny little photo.... so this is it ...
hope your day was better than this :)

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