By EgyptUnveiled

Blip Mia (Blip 100)

In Arabi, 100 is 'Mia' It's a popular phrase that is used here in Luxor when people ask how you are?.....'Mia Mia' (Happy) or 'Mia Fil Mia' (100%)

This is how I am feeling, as today is Blip 100 day!
I felt the pressure, as Blippers go all out for their birthdays, I decided to stick with the Egyptian theme.
This is Fouad, from the Tout Ankh Amoon Alabaster Factory in Qorna.
I explained that I wanted to make the number 100 from Alabaster items he was selling and he was totally there with me! He excitedly fetched items that could be a 1 or a zero. We took a few pictures, but at the last minute, he jumped in...This is the result!

The number 1 is Horus made from Green Alabaster (An ancient God of protection)

The first zero is a green alabaster bowl and the 2nd zero is an alabaster scarab (The ancients believed it symbolised hope and restoration of life)

Many great things have happened to me since I have been Blipping, so massive thanks to the Blip Founders and fellow Blippers, especially Max for exposing himself daily! :-)))

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