horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

The Look... Of... Love

It's the weekend!!!!

Had a great lunchtime meeting with a cycling associate, and a cycling Sergeant from Lothian and Borders Police. Interesting times ahead. Cause for real optimism AND I get an article for my cycling website (many many notes in my notebook).

Spent the morning (running early as with Mel off I was just heading straight from home) snapping cyclists, and just loved this guy's expression.

Oh, and my 500mm lens has come back fixed from Sigma. Except. Well, it seems the OS still isn't working. But hell, it auto-focusses, and I'm happy with that, and it'll do for going to Lewis.

Tomorrow's gonna be helluva busy, primarily because I'm off to Newcastle on Sunday for the football...

Upright style

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