Steph's window on life...

By SJordan

Laser Rainbow in Newtownards.

Today's been pretty busy, visited Auntie Ruby this morning, then went to pick up Granda and head out for lunch. After lunch I went to my Auntie Debs' to see the new hamster, total cutie, his name is Kobi, then on up to see Uncle Jack. After that it was another quick visit to Auntie Rubes, before heading home to leave Mum off, so I could go to work.

Came in from work, chatting with the bro for a bit and watched some tele. Then Mum and Dad came home from the concert they'd been at (Brian Houston, Dad's Mother's Day/Birthday present to Mum) and mentioned going up to see the lights in Newtownards (Laser Rainbow, part of the Olympics celebrations). Took about 30 pics, this was the one I was happiest with... They look so beautiful. :)

Time for bed soon, before a weekend of dissertation writing, fun times... *Rolls eyes.*


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