By dark

Plaza Theatre, afternoon

I went to see Crispin Glover this afternoon - he was doing a book reading/performance art slideshow/film showing at the Plaza.

For those who don't know him, he's an exceedingly eccentric actor/artist best known for playing Michael J Fox's father in the first "Back to the Future" film, although he's done quite a few other (mostly odd) characters in films since then (most recently, he was Grendel - via motion capture animation - in last years "Beowulf").

Anyway, I really enjoyed his reading and his Q&A with the audience, but his film - "What Is It?" - well, although it was certainly interesting, I can't even remotely begin to say I enjoyed it. Which is part of the point, I guess - he said it was intended as a commentary on modern media taboos. Fair enough.

But still, I can't say that I enjoyed it, even on an intellectual level, as his argument, whatever it was, got rather lost in the utter senselessness of it all.

Oh, well. Crispin himself, however, still comes highly recommended, if you ever get the chance to hear him speak. Just skip the film.

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