By hoodedpigwoman


Me and Alexander have the same shoes, nearly. I'm ashamed to say his are in a better state (although I have cleaner trousers).

We've been out doing gardening, going to the playpark, drying washing and riding Alexander's trike today. I even cleaned the windows. If you live near me, I should say, I cleaned the worst of the dirt off the windows....

I made Mr HPW go to the neighbour's and retrieve our purple bucket for putting glass in to transfer to the recycling bin. He left it out when he emptied it last and they thought it was being chucked out. I saw it in their yard because the fence is down; going to ask for it back was his penance. I bet they think we're mental now. Especially as the man spoke to me for the first time ever this afternoon (beforehand).

Our fundraiser made about £75000!! I think the team deserve a big clap and a lie in a darkened room now.

Bit of green there for you - Happy St Patrick's Day!

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