National Dish of Brazil

Feijoada is to Brazil what paella is to Spain. It features on menus on Saturdays and usually on Wednesdays too. We're fans of the thick black bean stew which has an almost purple hue and in which various cuts of meat and sausage simmer, from jerked beef to pigs ear. It is served with fresh cut orange slices, couve (shredded kale), ground mandioc, breadcrumbed hot bananas, rice and often grilled pork and smoked sausage as well.

Many thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday, proves just what a great community we are! It was a bizarre blip day all in. I had great plans for an emblematic shot of Sao Paulo but the day was grey throughout and by the time we reached the top of a high building on Avenida Paulista, the mist had rolled in, the light had all but gone and the rain had started. There was only one shot of a spindly mast in the the big camera's can as I sat in our room three minutes before we had to go out to meet friends with my text all written but no blip to go with it! DD said 'Do something creative!' and yesterday's very improvised shot was the three minute result! Best laid plans, and all that!

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