Adventures of Emily Rose

By Emilyrose

Happy St. Patrick's Day

F11 met up in the city today to celebrate St. Patty's Day. I got to Penn Station first and went down to find Meg which took forever like always. While we were waiting for Michelle, we ran into Aj. He informed us Kenny and some other Marist people were there so we went to go find them.
They went on there way and we got Michelle and headed to Bryant Park to meet up with Liz, Carissa, and Amanda.
Once we found them, we hung out for a little then Aj told me where he was so we went there. Bars on St. Patty's Day are so much fun. Liz got hit on by some 40 year old and he gave her his ears! Win for Liz.
We lost the track people once more and went on our way to Central Park. Saw people pretty much having sex, so naturally we started screaming things at them but it didn't seem to phase them.
Took some nice pictures in the park then headed back to Penn Station which took awhile because when we asked a cop which way to go, he told us the wrong way.
A new tradition has been born....and next year I'll be 21 :)

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