Beach Patterns

Back Blip.....Graveyard Sunrise...its worth a glance I think

We have been on a Focus Field Trip down south, staying in a little town close to the beaches. I have something like 750 images to sort from the last two days, but it won't be tonight.

This morning we had a lie in!!! Had hoped to go back to the The Boulders,( take a look if you don't know what they are) to get the sunrise and do some slow shutter speed photography but it was a very low tide at 7 am and the sea would have been well out beyond the boulders. So a sluggish start to the day, then made the 1 hour 20min drive home which took 7 hours!!!

Warning.....never travel with photographers if you need to get anywhere in a hurry!! Love it :)

I had to make a snap decision tonight, with 750 images to view, sort & delete many I went for one of the first images I took for yesterday blip & this is one of the last I took today. This beach is called Busheys Beach, just south of Oamaru. Seals and Penguins make it their home.

Once I have sorted I will put some up on my Blog so you can see this beautiful part of our country.

Its been a fab weekend, spent with friends, enjoying common interests and lots of fun.


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