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Celebrating Mothers...

A lovely day.

Bit of a long lie then breakfast in bed (thank you D! A most pleasant surprise :-), a lovely card, some scented candles and these gorgeous pink roses from my boy, as well as THE most charming smile AND a kiss and a hug. How lucky am I?! VERY lucky indeed! Thank you my Bestest Boy in the Whole Wide World! xx

It's funny, but I have never considered Mother's Day to be about me as a mother. I'm always slightly surprised when a card and gift come my way. I think it's partly because at times I still shake my head and laugh at the notion of me being a mum. I mean who in their right mind would give ME responsibility for a child?! LOL!

No, for me Mother's Day has always been a day to celebrate my mum so this Mother's Day, the first one without her, seems slightly odd. I feel kind of bewildered by it. At a bit of a loose end.

But to my surprise I am not overwhelmingly sad. Yes there is still that sharp feeling of loss but today the over-riding emotion is one of love and wonder at just how incredibly blessed I am to not just have had my mum and all the love she gave me, but two other strong mother figures in my life - my gran and my mum-in-law - Mum L.

These 3 amazing women, all completely different but equally strong in compassion, strength, courage and humour, have shaped and influenced the woman I am today. They have lifted me when I have been on my knees, (physically and emotionally) they have guided me with their wisdom, they have given me a kick up the backside (subtly and not so subtly) when needed and have made me laugh so hard that my sides felt like they'd been kicked.

Time will never diminish their memory because they are part of me.

Happy Mother's Day Mum, Gran and Mum L. I love you and hope you are together somewhere lovely today, blethering and laughing together like the good old days!

THIS was sung to me by my mum and in turn now sung by me to Alan. Oh how it makes him laugh, till the end when I go in for a kiss and his face screws up and he does that owl trick where his head almost turns right round in an effort to escape me! :-))

Hahahaha....this just came to me....

Conversation with Gran at a family celebratory dinner circa 1990 something...

ME - "Gran, what would you like to drink with your dinner?"

GRAN (having had a glass of champagne and fresh orange juice earlier in the day) - "I widnae mind another wee glass o' that Bucks Fux..."

:-))) Happy Mother's Day Blip Mums and Grans xxx

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