Blether's Day.

"....and Dougie came in to the church, you know Dougie, uh huh, the nice old man who likes his crumble, but we weren't doing crumble today so he didn't get any and we'd just finished the soup so he didn't get any of that either so he asked for a tuna sandwich but would you believe it Jennie had know Jennie, Jennie with the hair, uh huh...Jennie had said she was on the rota for tuna but had forgotten all about it because Annie, her neice, had the measles and was really quite unwell so, anyway, there was no tuna so Dougie didn't get that either, anyway so there was Dougie sitting with Neil, you know Neil the wee man with teeth and eyes, uh huh, that's him, so there they were the two of them with nothing to eat and we got talking about the bowls and how the membership has dropped so badly that the ladies at Balgreen are thinking of folding so Lord only knows what Betty will do now, she know Betty the nice lady with arms and legs who used to give you lollipops at the shop, uh huh....well Betty said that she would have to drop by the Council with a sub-machine gun and..."

The prospective mother-in law is a diamond, but she can talk....boy, can she talk.

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