Walking with Flowers

By SusannaHelen

A posy for Mothering Sunday

In the Anglican church calendar Mothering Sunday, the fourth Sunday in Lent, is traditionally a day when people return home to their 'mother' church. As this often involved daughters in domestic service returning to their original family home, the day became a holiday and a tradition grew up whereby women in the church who are mothers are given small flower posies by the children.

Nowadays most people tend instead to observe a secular, US style, Mother's Day.

Whichever version you engage with, this can also be a very difficult day for those who don't fit the 'happy families' pattern, for whatever reason. My own mother is currently 'lost' to me through mental illness, a grief that casts a long shadow. To all those who are finding this a painful day, I send my blessings. And to all those who are celebrating, I share your joy.

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