A shadow of my current self

The sunrise made for a warm glow in the living room and I was lining up a shot of something else when my shadow caught my eye. So I just turned the camera 90 degrees and snapped a few of myself which I liked better than what I was shooting. I made some nice biscuits yesterday and couple of french-style loaves of bread today. For dinner we had Bahmi Goreng a favourite Indonesian noodle dish. I had some leftover prime rib chunks in the freezer which I chopped into cubes and it worked wonderfully.

Thai food is all the rage but I much prefer Indonesian. I am biased, of course, due to having grown up eating Dutch cuisine which has a lot of the former colony's delicious dishes as part of the diet. Supplies are fairly easy to come by at specialty stores but there are no Indonesian restaurants in or anywhere near Toronto any more. Once in a while a Rijsttaffel (Rice Table) is organized but I haven't been able to go yet. Linda and I did enjoy a splendid one in Amsterdam years ago at Sampurna.

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