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By clix

Old Fool's Dash

MrsClix is away on business in Newcastle today.

Dropped the girls off at nursery then down to B&Q to hand back incorrect plumbing bits I foolishly picked up at the weekend.

Then to work for a busy day with a run to the supermarket at lunch time to stock up on some meagre provisions.

Sharp exit at the end of the day to dash back across town to pick the girls up. Not that Toots wanted to leave. No, stay and read stories instead of home with Daddy.

A slow meander back home stopping for a chat with the nice man from the pet shop. Then home for pizza (bad Daddy), PJs, stories and bed.

Fixed two jammed radiators, washing up (must get dishwasher plumbed in soon) and then sat down.

Truly an old fool's dash of a day.

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