I had a bone density scan today and thus continued my 11 year relationship with machine DD-something-or-other.

Just one of those things that tell us how my bone health is and if I'm aging gracefully ;-)

A relatively young woman when we began our relationship the first scan was a surprise. My hip bone health wasn't what you'd expect of a fit and healthy woman.

I've worked hard to improve it through the years. At my last scan 3 years ago my hip bone health was well within normal range and beyond the 3% margin of error. That's a lot of strength work on a Swiss ball in my lounge.

In theory I can scramble up and down mountains, fall off my bike and slip on ice and have as much chance of breaking a bone as someone else with good bone health. Not that I intend putting thaw theory to the test any time soon.

I'll know in a week how I'm doing. Normally I have a scan every 2 years but with quakes it dropped off the radar last year.

3 years on since the last scan I'm exactly the same height and weight. Good to see some things don't change.

So a bit late home, a visit from my neighbour and phone calls from the hunter and Dr B later.... now it's past bedtime.

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