The Life of Bri

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My Uniform

Working at home has its distinct advantages:-

1. Muddy jeans for dog walking check
2. Fleece for when it gets a wee bit cold in our old house check
3. T-Shirt for when it's not so cold check
4. Trainers which need replacing check

Playing with my new toy in the garden... EXIF peepers, read it and weep.

Now I'm really going to have to up my game. (I could have done this shot with my old toy if the flash was a wee bit more reliable, but having a new toy inspired me to try something more interesting than usual).

[Edit: Added a few more shots of Skye and Nevis to [url=]Flickr[/url]. Do they do some sort of post-upload sharpening to stuff on Flickr? Everything there seems to 'pop' a bit more than it does on blip]

Strobist Info: Single SB600 to front left of subject, in manual mode 1/1, fired by commander mode. Aperture stopped way down to reduce ambient on bright day. Foreground lighting on the grass is natural.

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