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By StCornerSociety

Ciao Bella

This is an Italian student I met at lunchtime. She was standing outside the Burrell Collection entrance as I was walking past. She was happy to pose for me, although her friends obviously thought I was barking :-) I don't mind anymore.

There was a man who joined us in the discussions we had while I took a few shots and I had assumed it was her partner. But it turned out he wasn't with the group of women she was with and, as is becoming usual now, he had just wanted to join in the photo-taking process. I am finding it quite entertaining how sociable an experience it is taking shots as seemingly it involves a cast of thousands with many people wanting to get involved in some way!

As you can see I'm back in action and have full power. I was having withdrawal symptoms yesterday from your journals - full-on cold turkey - so pleased to be back.

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