Englishman in Bandung

By Vodkaman

Iqbal and Ramdani

A lazy day today, I just stood outside and waited for my blip to come to me. The ploy does not always work, but today was good, with plenty of photo opportunities. This was easily my favorite.

Introducing Iqbal and Ramdani, two happy lads, not sure where they were coming from or going to at 9am. They were intrigued by the big white red fella who was snapping passing traffic and stopped to say, "Hello mister". A bit unsure when the camera was turned onto themselves, but they soon got into the swing of things and presented me with this cute image. Thanks lads.

With reference to the last three days, the face has calmed down some more, but is a bit crinkly around the nose with all the dead skin, tough to resist assisting the peeling process. The leg blisters have all popped and so now I have a few days of pain as the new skin forms underneath, especially after lying down for a while. Once moving around, it calms down again.

No more fishing for a while, as the concrete pond is closed for a month or so as strong winds ripped down the shelters. They were not well constructed and a bit rickety so no real surprises there. Lure building today, which should attract a few opportunities for blips tomorrow, as swimming them in my test tank always peaks the curiosity of passers by.


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