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Farewell Letter

A few blippers asked me to post the letter I handed out to the parents on my one bus one I've done for so many years. So here it is...not the best blip but not much time to get it done.. I had a couple parents come and tell me it made them cry...then that made me weepy. The parents are putting a having a little get together for me next week which is overwhelming. I do feel very appreciated by them--so nice compared to the one paragraph form the HR in the district that said the best to you in your future endeavors:) Below is the contents that are probably unreadable from the blip:

Farewell Letter

Yes, it is true that I am indeed retiring after almost 36 years of service . My last day will be on my 63rd birthday--Friday, March 30. Retiring now, instead of at the end of the school year affords me an opportunity to take a special trip with my grown son, and then to also visit some family and friends in the Midwest.

I want to thank you all for the privilege of driving your kids over the years, and for trusting them with me on the Piggy bus to and from school! I have so many fond memories from these bus driving years...lots of laughter and tears and funny stories that I will cherish always as I move into another phase of my life. Some families I have driven all of your children, and some from K-5 so it is difficult to "cut the cord" as you can imagine. I've even gotten to know many of your dogs over the years too, and I will miss their tail ays and excitement over treats.

I say farewell to all you with both sadness from leaving, and joy from the memories and friendships I have made with you and your children. Thank you sincerely for all you your kindnesses over the years--I have appreciated your generosity so very much.

But it is time for the Piggy Bus to head out on a new life journey, and I hope your children are left with some happy memories too...and especially that they continue to keep the Piggy Bus Song a live and practice their snorting.

My best to you all and THANK YOU!

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