There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Singing Up the Sun

It's been foggy almost every morning this week, and this morning was no exception. The mist makes everything look other-worldly. Every road looks like an enchanted path to a magic place: way too tempting for someone like me!

The sky had begun to brighten, and I caught a glimpse of that yellow glow that means - Here comes the sun! So I quickly pulled off onto a side road, near the farm where the very helpful cow offered photographic advice last week.

As I started snapping away, I noticed that part of the sun was obscured by the top branches of some of the trees along the field, creating an almost lace effect.

If you look closely to the lower right corner of the sun, you will see that there is a nest in the tree. If you look even smaller, at the very tippy-top of the tree branches, a tiny bird is perched (at least one bird, possibly two), singing up the sun!

The view of the sunrise from that nest and especially from the tippy-top branch must really be something to see. They might have been the only ones with a better view of the sunrise than me.

We lucky ones: the birds and me, enjoying the magic of the morning mist, and singing up the sun.

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