Scoots, Shoots & Leaves

By TerriG

Stayin' Alive

Yes, I know, another blip of a baby dancing. But please have mercy, it's been pouring rain non-stop for two days, we can't get outside, the birds aren't even showing their beaks, it's cold and miserable. Here's where the fun is happening!

Ms. C uses her hands more than any baby I've ever seen. She used to stare at them when she was an infant, like they were a mobile. She expresses so much with her hands. We worked on some signing today; I used the "more" sign when I was reading to her and she wanted me to read more. She caught on very quickly.

Laurie put the Wicked soundtrack on again and Ms. C lit up - even more than usual. (She's also the happiest baby I've ever known.) She bounces up and down and uses her hands, a la John Travolta, when the music gets lively.

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