Long-haired Goat

This afternoon we accompanied our hosts to the Ecomusée du Pays de Rennes--The Ecological Museum for the Rennes region (in Brittany)

It was just wonderful. This is is a Chèvre des fossés ("Goat of the Ditches") from Western France, which the museum breeds to maintain its integrity (as it does with other agricultural animals)." View it large to be sure you see its eyes!

The museum's extensive permanent displays on the history of Rennes are housed in farm buildings dating from the 17th centuries, and they provide information on the activities based on the farm, as well as around Rennes more generally. We also saw a superb temporary exhibition ("Le grande espoir", 9 months) on the Breton countryside in the 1960s--stunningly high quality in every respect.

The Eco Museum's site is terrific--unfortunately only in French, I think.

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