By Runhills

Removal Men

One of my colleagues is off work so I had to go to Liverpool today. It was a bit outside my comfort zone but I coped with both navigation and the language barrier :)

I stopped my car to photograph a mural and as I was about to set off again I saw these three lads coming down the road towards me, we had a bit of banter and they seemed to enjoy having their picture taken. I don't know how far they had wheeled the settee but they said they didn't have far to go.

At lunchtime I stopped to photograph a small church and had one of those moments as I dropped my camera, it was not so much a drop, more a juggling act which probably meant it went higher in the air than if I had just dropped it. My heart was in my mouth as I picked it up from the gravel, dusted it off and was pleased to find that there was no damage, phew. Note to self, don't forget the wrist strap next time!

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